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It’s that time again…

Holiday Markets are coming up!

I’ll have a selection of 2018 Holiday Collection cards still available, but a brand new collection for this year as well! Keep an eye out for my 2019 Holiday Collection.

Of course, I’ll have many of my best selling prints available. Number one requested this year? Hands down- Fifty Shades of Prince Edward Island!

Send me a message if you are looking for a specific print, and I can hold one for you at the event you’re planning to attend.

See you soon!

- Lindsey

11 x 14 ww w wm.png

“Wild & Winged”

I could not help but do another Prince Edward Island shaped piece! I am a true bird lover, and took the opportunity to showcase some of the most common species on Prince Edward Island.

There are 11 species but 14 birds in total. Can you find them all?

11 x 14 cradled w wm.png

“Cradled Island”

Prince Edward Island was originally known as “Abegweit” to the Mi'kmaq First Nation community in Prince Edward Island. It means “Cradled On The Waves”. I believe it’s most fitting, as we’re cradled between these bodies of water, which provide so much livelihood and tradition for our Island.

Stay tuned.. a cheat sheet is coming to show you were each little creature is hidden in this piece! See the full list.


The Prince Edward Island

Beach Blanket

Round mandala beach blankets - Or so I call them. More than half of these end up being used as table cloths and wall hangings!

This poly-blend beach blanket is made to shake off sand and dry quickly. Each piece comes with a list of the 14 Prince Edward Island items to find!

Carried in lots of local shops- The Blooming Lupin, Artisans on Main of Souris, Pigeons Decor, Moonsnail Mercantile and more. I’ll always have a few at farmer’s markets as well.